A540 Automatic Centrifuge

a540A540 automatic centrifuges are designed with innovative, cost-effective features and integrated processing advantages that are not found on competitive units.

  • Patented Load Sensitive Dump automation
  • Patented Centri-Lock™ plow clutch
  • Rotating feed distribution impeller design
  • Rugged hi-torque gear driven plow systems
  • Plow-blade assembly with multiple blades
  • Plow-blade assembly with efficiency ring
  • Nu-tride® surface treated plow-blade assembly
  • Rugged monocoque frame construction
A540 Automatic Centrifuge Machine Specifications
Bowl volume 40.0 liter
Maximum g-force 2,500 x gravity
Process capacity 5 to 40 gpm
Maximum solids holding capacity 3 gallons
Maximum clean cycles 6 cycles per hour
Motor HP 10 HP
Required inlet pressure 10 psi @ 40 gpm
Liquid inlet fitting 1″ NPT (left/right side)
Liquid discharge fitting 3″ NPT (left/right side)
Liquid discharge pressure Gravity return
Maximum temperature 160° F
Standard configuration 6 to 9 pH

A540 Automatic Centrifuges are a new automatic self-cleaning centrifuge designed for a variety of tough processes and demanding liquid-liquid and liquid-solid applications, solids dewatering, and centrifuge liquid filtration and fluid clarification applications, in which the specific gravity of the suspended solids is greater than that of the liquid. A540 Automatic Centrifuges are designed and built for safe and quiet operation with years of reliable use in the most demanding applications. A540 Automatic Centrifuges require relatively no day-to-day maintenance. Machines are American-made and all engineering, manufacturing, service and sales activities are located under one roof in Syracuse, NY.