Sample Testing

sampleUS Centrifuge Systems offers sample testing to help customers evaluate the feasibility of industrial applications. This testing procedure provides a quick and inexpensive way to evaluate an application and forecast the appropriate centrifuge machines needed.

US Centrifuge Systems processes samples at its Syracuse, NY facility using a manual cleaning M512 centrifuge and a De-Laval Gyro-tester. The results are then noted, digitally photographed and video recorded (if requested) for the customer's review and consideration. Documentation includes photographs of and information about:

  • Raw liquid sample (solids % and volume)
  • Centrifuged liquid sample (solids % and volume) determines separation results
  • Sludge cake sample

US Centrifuge Systems performs full-day and half-day sample testing. Testing requirements include:

  • Completed Sample Testing Application Form must be received prior to testing samples
  • Purchase Order to cover the testing fee is required prior to shipping samples to US Centrifuge Systems
  • $1,000 per full-day test or $500 per half-day test
  • Testing fee is applicable to the equipment purchase price
  • Laboratory test results are available per the lab cost
  • Return shipping instructions must be included for samples that cannot be disposed of at the testing facility or an environmental fee will be charged to cover disposal
  • 5-gallon bucket with representative sample is preferred
  • 5-gallon bucket must include the necessary MSDS sheets and copy of the full-day or half-day Sample Application Testing Request Form.

Testing is typically processed within 2 to 5 days of receiving the sample and information. Please notify US Centrifuge Systems if material is time sensitive. Contact US Centrifuge Systems.