A500 Automatic Centrifuge

a500A500 Automatic Centrifuges are designed with innovative, cost-effective features and integrated processing advantages that are not found on competitive units.

A maximized liquid flow path through the centrifuge bowl increases liquid retention time, and the patented Centri-Lock™ plow-clutch and a three-bladed plow assembly with an efficiency ring minimizes liquid turbulence. Increased retention time combined with minimized liquid turbulence creates superior separating efficiency. After the solids material has been separated, a strong gear-driven plowing mechanism will remove even the toughest cake.

Mechanically, A500 Automatic Centrifuges are a hanging design — smooth and very stable. The machine is simple and inexpensive to maintain with an estimated bearing life of 3 to 5 years, and an estimated labor life of 10 years, depending on working conditions. Removal of the rotating assembly can be completed in a matter of minutes. The bowl enclosure can be easily unbolted and removed.

A500 Automatic Centrifuge Machine Specifications
Maximum flow rate 20-gpm
Solids holding capacity Up to 2 gallons
Maximum sludge discharge Up to 8 gallons per hour
Maximum g-force 2,000 x gravity
Liquid inlet fitting 1″ NPT
Required inlet pressure 10-psi @ 40 gpm
Maximum temperature 160° F
Standard pH range 6 to 9 pH
Liquid discharge fitting 3″ NPT
Liquid discharge pressure Gravity return
Noise level 72 dB (A)

A500 Automatic Centrifuges are economically priced, fully automatic self-cleaning centrifuge systems for liquid-liquid and liquid-solid centrifuge separation, solids dewatering, and centrifuge liquid filtration and fluid clarification. The machine is available in standard carbon steel or optional stainless steel construction. Contact US Centrifuge Systems.