Disc Centrifuges

Manual Clean & Automatic Self-Cleaning Liquid/Liquid/Solids Centrifugal Separators

High-speed Disc bowl centrifuges are ideal for applications such as separations involving biodiesel fuels, glycerin and biodiesel, wash water, magnesol, mineral oil, metalworking fluid, coolant tramp oil, and water and waste oils.

How High-Speed Disc Bowl Centrifuges Work

High-speed disc bowl centrifuges come in manual clean and automatic clean models. In these machines, the fluid is continuously pumped to a high-speed disc bowl separating centrifuge where subjected to high g-forces (up to 7,500 x gravity). The fluid typically separates into a heavy phase (water) and a light phase (oil). The 2 liquid phases exit the centrifuge through separate liquid discharge connections. Any residual solids are separated and removed manually from manual clean units or discharged automatically with an automatic self-cleaning style unit.

High-speed disc bowl centrifuges at US Centrifuge Systems are supplied with all stainless steel bowl components, necessary bowl insertion tools, set of gravity discs, supply device with sight glass, revolution counter, standard set of tools, dual voltage electric motor, vibration isolators, mounting base and an operation manual.

All models and systems built at US Centrifuge Systems can be modified into a turn-key operation.