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Vibratory and Mass Finishing

Mass and vibratory finishing applications need centrifuge technology for the purpose of clarifying suspended solids from the liquid process solution. Centrifugally clarified liquid, that was previously sent to drain, is now often re-circulated many times to extend the liquid's working life, which reduces operating costs and minimizes disposal volumes.

Vibratory finishing and mass finishing systems operators can benefit from the use of centrifuge technology to clarify suspended solids from the liquid process solution. Centrifugally clarified liquid previously sent to drain can be re-circulated multiple times, reducing operating costs and minimizing waste disposal volumes.

Vibratory finishing is a process in which parts are placed into a special large vibrating unit with media that rub against the parts in a sanding, filing, washing or coating action because of vibration. Vibratory polishing is commonly used on metals. US Centrifuge Systems engineers can design systems for a single vibratory unit or for multiple applications.

Separated solids form a dense cake in the centrifuge bowl that is removed manually in the M512 manual cleaning centrifuge or is discharged automatically by one of the rugged model A500, models A540 or A560 automatic centrifuge systems.

Advantages for Vibratory Mass Finishing with a Centrifuge

  • No disposable filter media required
  • Separates solids as small as 2 microns
  • Produces a relatively moisture-free cake for disposal
  • Maintains minimal total suspended solids levels in the re-circulated or discharged liquid
  • Package systems complete with tanks and pumps

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