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Squid II™ Water Clarifying Settling Tank System

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  • 3,000-gallon capacity twin poly cone bottom settling tank
  • 6-bag dehydrating manifold under each tank
  • Individual regulating 2″ NPT butterfly valve with each bag
  • Patented steel fabricated support structure and drain pan
  • Centrifugal sludge removal process produces a relatively moisture free cake for disposal
  • 12 bags have an 8″ diameter, are 28″ long and have a handle loop included
  • 50-micron polyester filter bags rest on a grated drain pan with two 3″ drain connections that return to the pit
  • two 4″ pneumatically operated anti-drain safety butterfly valves with solenoid control are fitted between the bottom of each tank and drain bag manifold to prevent any flooding
  • 2″ dirty water inlet manifold includes a large strainer housing with a removable stainless steel mesh basket and a tap and inline static mixer for proper chemical addition and mixing

The Squid II™ System from US Centrifuge Systems is a uniquely designed modular dehydration and water clarifying system for efficient settling and collection of suspended solids. The Squid II is ideal for the glass, stone and other brittle material fabrication industries.

The Squid II System consists of two specially baffled cone bottom tanks of specific volume with a drain manifold, valves and hanging bags (which are easily removed for disposal and replacement) to collect the concentrated slurry. The Squid II System can be purchased as a basic large volume dehydrator or can be fully equipped with pit, distribution pumps and controls for a complete package.

Beyond the Centrifuge

Advantages of Squid II Water Clarifying Settling Tank System

  • Large water volume for added retention and greater settling time
  • Large water volume stored above bags provides greater static drainage pressure
  • Heavy-duty poly tanks with structural steel support base for added quality and long term usage with 6 bag drain manifold per tank
  • 6 smaller bags provide greater total external bag surface area for improved drainage capability and improved solids dehydration to the center of the bag
  • Up to 50 pounds sludge cake per bag provides easier one-man handling and does not require added material handling equipment for exchange
  • Fully engineered pre-constructed system modules ship knocked down for easy handling and sets up quickly for easy installation

How the Squid II™ Water Clarifying Settling Tank System Works

The Squid II separates the solid material in suspension through gravitational settling. Dirty water from the fabricating equipment is collected in a pit where a float actuated submersible pump automatically pumps the dirty water into the first cylindrical settling tank. Before reaching the tank, an optional flocculent (settling agent) can be injected into the dirty water feed manifold. The chemical reaction of the flocculent bonds suspended solid particles together and accelerates the settling rate. The inlet pipe minimizes turbulence to further facilitate an efficient settling process.

The thickened solids concentration accumulates in the tank bottom and continuously drains at low flow into a uniquely designed 6-bag dehydrator manifold attached to the tank's conical bottom. The sludge is extracted and dehydrated as the concentrate passes through the filter bags, which must be manually removed for disposal when full. Cleaner water flows to the top of the first tank over-flowing into the lower section of the second conical tank for additional settling time and solids collection. Relatively high-pressure centrifugal pump pumps clean water, also called nominally clean gray water, from the clean water chamber back to the fabricating machines.

Pit and Return Pump System Package Description

The system includes a 1.0-hp 75-gpm at 20 ft. of head submersible pit pump with float switch control to transfer dirty water from the pit to the inlet manifold. A 2-hp centrifugal pump supplies clarified water to the fabrication equipment at a maximum capacity of 50-gpm at 60-psi. For low volume clean polish water an optional secondary water filtering manifold with 50-20-10 micron filter housings and cartridges can be included. Water level is maintained by an automatic fresh water make-up manifold and 1″ solenoid. All pump and tank level functions are PLC controlled. A pressure transducer and VFD regulate the supply pump. All control panel components are housed in a NEMA 12 enclosures with a fused rotary disconnect. The standard power supply is 240/480-VAC 60-HZ 3-Ø. All system components are pre-mounted with inter-connecting piping and wiring.

Optional Coolant and Flocculent System Package

An initial chemical package including two 55-gallon drums of stone cool and one 5-gallon pail of rock flock for extended closed loop operation and improved settling performance is available at the time of purchase or anytime thereafter. Contact US Centrifuge Systems to order a chemical package.

An optional automated chemical dosing system is available that includes a proportional coolant dosing unit integrated into the fresh water make-up manifold and a peristaltic flocculent pump.

Note: The use of straight water is acceptable, but in many cases reduces the usable life of the water. Even though the centrifuge can separate particles as small as 3-micron, the overall particle count will continue to increase requiring the addition of fresh water or chemistry. Technical engineers at US Centrifuge Systems recommend using specially formulated additives or coolants to condition the water with lubricants and corrosion inhibitors or flocculants to increase fine particle agglomeration and settling rates. Such chemical addition improves the overall efficiency of the recycling system and increases the life of the machinery and tooling. US Centrifuge Systems technical engineers determine the best solution for each customer and provide on-site installation and commissioning.

Space Requirements

  • Approximate floor space requirement: 65″W x 170″L x 210″H
  • System to be located within 10′ radius of dirty water collection pit

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