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Paint Sludge Recovery

Centrifuge separation technology is needed for paint sludge separation. If not, paint sludge separation applications are more prone to frequent maintenance downtime associated with the paint sludge, extra labor shifts cleaning or making up production for booth downtime, and high cost of contaminated booth water or wet sludge removal and disposal.

Sludge disposal and treatment enable operators to reduce disposal costs and improve the recovering of valuable oil and clean water. Sludge application need centrifuge filtration-clarification systems to properly separate and treat sludge from liquid processes.


Centrifugal sludge removal systems should strongly be considered when the following conditions exist with a water wash spray booth:

  • Frequent maintenance down time associated with paint sludge.
  • Extra working shifts cleaning or making up production for booth downtime.
  • High cost of contaminated booth water and / or wet sludge removal and disposal.

Three important steps to achieving the desired results:

  • Correct sludge system design for the booth and centrifuge application.
  • Selecting the right centrifuge model to effectively handle the paint load.
  • Proper chemical program applied for the specific paint type and usage.

US Centrifuge Systems can help you with all three steps to insure a successful installation!

Additional Sludge Recovery System & Centrifuge Benefits

  • Reduces disposal costs
  • Recycles booth water
  • Extremely low maintenance
  • No filters or consumables
  • Works with virtually all chemical treatment programs
  • Very few moving parts
  • Durable construction
  • Low utility requirements
  • Simple to operate

Consider the following information:

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