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Oil Remediation


US Centrifuge Systems expanded its research and development for oil remediation in 2009 with the BioFilter™, SeaFilter™ and SharkOil™ equipment used to remediate oil spills and hazards in water and on land. Biotechnological methods of each product clean industrial, sewage and oil pollution with advance absorption, skimming and separation techniques developed exclusively at US Centrifuge Systems. Contaminated oil residue and tarballs get converted back into water and carbon elements already naturally present in the environment.


A division at US Centrifuge Systems was created to address the oil remediation needs of the Gulf Coast, specifically in response to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the spring of 2010. A group of scientists and engineers combined technological developments, experience in oil-water separation and their deep-rooted initiative to improve people, property and aquatic life of the Gulf Coast. As a result, 3 products were built that brings an oil remediation solution.


  • Floats in contained pools of oil-contaminated water
  • Attaches to anchored barrier points in rows directly off the beach; depth of about 3-10 feet
  • Secures to slow-moving boats or stationary buoys; great for swamp areas dense with vegetation
  • Places on the beach to absorb oil from contaminated sand and water

BioFilter™ is easily implemented to any aquatic ecosystem. It is non-damaging the environment, is reusable up to 8 times and is recyclable after it absorbs oil, sludge and tarballs from water. Oil absorption can be performed even at coastlines and in shallow water due to the lightweight material and buoyancy of the device, or miles off coast. View the BioFilter™ equipment page.


  • Designed as a modular system utilizing dissolved air flotation
  • Designed with 85-gpm individual flotation cells packaged into 4-pack, 6-pack, or 12-pack processing systems
  • Designed to process up to 1,000 gallons-per-minute
  • Designed to achieve results of 100 ppm or less of oil and chemicals in discharged water
  • Designed for both land-based and shipboard use

The system is ruggedly constructed and designed for easy operation and minimal maintenance with few moving parts. View the SeaFilter™ equipment page.


The newest innovation for oil remediation by US Centrifuge Systems.

SharkOil™ is a high performance device for eliminating emergent oil spill on the water's surface. Rivers, lakes, seas and nearly all large bodies of water can be remediated in no time. SharkOil™ serves to localize an oil spill, separate water-oil emulsion and to pump the separated oil out to a barge simultaneously. View the SharkOil™ equipment page.

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