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Mass Flow System™

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The Mass Flow System™ is for sludge removal. It is superior for use in high volume water wash paint spray booth applications. Mass Flow Systems™ incorporate centrifugal removal and sludge dewatering and successfully correct traditional inadequacies. The sludge system can be designed to remove de-tackified paint, whether it floats or sinks, and is ideal for water-based sludge producing environments.

The Mass Flow System™ is maintenance-free and removes spent paint, recycling 60 to 80 percent of the water and the de-tackifying chemical back into the system for reuse. The system stays entirely clean for prolonged periods without sludge buildup, even during downtime. The system produces a residual cake that contains little moisture and less weight for disposal.

The sludge removal process from the Mass Flow System™ provides close, constant monitoring and excellent control of the water level in the recovery tank. With an optimum water level and proper chemicals for coagulation, the spent residue or paint flotation is maintained, and the water flow in the tank is continuous. The tank cannot be blocked with sunken sludge and has proven to be a key factor in the success of the system.

The main components of this patented system include the sludge removal tank, centrifuge, agitation equipment and controls. An optional scavenger pump can be added to remove large chunks of residue or paint sludge prior to entering the chemical tank. Tank agitation through proper pumping action helps increase centrifugal efficiency, the next phase of the system.

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