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MAC 500 High-Speed Disc Bowl Centrifuge

MAC 181 high-speed disc bowl centrifuges are heavy-duty self-cleaning centrifuges for liquid-solid separation and filtration. It is designed with innovative, cost-effective features and integrated processing advantages that are not found with competitive units.

  • Centrifuge Bowl — Is a manual cleaning model with the bowl bottom and top made of duplex stainless steel for superior mechanical strength and chemical resistance. The bowl lock-ring is made of special AISI 400-series stainless steel. Internal bowl parts such as the distributor, conical separating discs, feed distributor, and the light phase centripetal discharge pumps are made from AISI 316-stainless steel.

  • Frame and Covers — Manufactured of cast iron then sandblasted, heat-treated and epoxy painted. The frame must be secured to the floor using the supplied vibration absorbers and foundation bolts. The covers are aluminum and bolted to the base frame. The covers position the feeding pipe and the centripetal outlet pumps of the clarified liquid phases.

  • Drive — This spindle is belt driven by an electric motor flanged directly onto the equipment frame and controlled by an inverter. All the rotating shafts are mounted on ball bearings. The top vertical shaft bearing is located inside an appropriate shock-absorber collar, specifically designed to compensate for all radial vibrations.

  • Lubrication — Automatic splash lubrication is provided by an oil bath inside the frame. Appropriate caps allow the filling and emptying of the oil. A sight glass allows for easy inspection and control of the lubricating oil level.

MAC 181 Technical Specifications

MAC 181

Bowl volume 0.95 GPL / 3.6 L
Max. capacity Up to 581 GPH / 2,200 LPH
Solids holding capacity Up to 0.3 GPL / 1.2 L
Max. RPM 7800
Bowl weight 77 lbs. / 35 KG
Max. temperature 160°F / 71°C
Suggested pH range 6 to 9
Motor 3 HP XP
Weight 420 lbs. / 191 KG
Size 30″L x 20″W x 36″H
762 L x 508 W x 914 H mm

How the MAC 181 High-Speed Disc Bowl Centrifuge Works

Seal water is introduced into the bowl to seal the heavy phase. How the MAC 500 High-speed Disc Bowl Centrifuge works:

  1. Seal water is introduced into the bowl to seal the heavy phase liquid discharge to begin the process. Application is introduced through the hermetic style product feed.

  2. Light phase liquid is discharged under pressure by a centripetal pump installed inside the bowl.

  3. Heavy phase liquid discharges into the covers and gravity drains.

  4. The sludge chamber features a relatively large volume solids holding capacity for high efficiency separation and maximum process time between centrifuge bowl clean outs. The bowl and all the components that are in contact with the product are easily removed and disassembled for quick easy cleaning.

All models and systems built at US Centrifuge Systems can be modified into a turn-key operation.

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