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Centrifuge Field & In-House Services

US Centrifuge Systems offers on-site and in-house service support, personnel training and equipment rebuilds and repairs for all US Centrifuge Systems model centrifuges, as well as machines from multiple manufacturers.

Routine scheduling of preventative maintenance is available. Estimates are provided for customer approval prior to centrifuge rebuild, repair, refurbishing and reconditioning control panel component and operating program updating. View accreditations.

US Centrifuge Systems provides support and maintenance to all customers. These services are as quick and convenient as possible, to offer multiple on-site, field services:

On-Site Service

  • New equipment startups
  • Routine preventive maintenance rebuilds
  • Minor field repairs
  • Centrifuge operating training
  • System and equipment optimization
  • Annual maintenance contracts
  • Personnel, operation and maintenance training
  • Equipment system upgrades
  • Process and system design consultation

When services require more time and extensive or detailed work than can be performed on-site, many repairs and maintenance are serviced in-house at the US Centrifuge Systems Facility located in Indianapolis, Indiana.

In-House Service

  • Complete disassembly of centrifuge
  • Cleaning of all parts and components
  • Media blast structural items
  • Measurement of all critical tolerances
  • Repair or replacement of all sub-standard parts
  • Re-balancing of rotating assembly components
  • Installation of spindle assembly with new bearings, seals and gaskets
  • Reassembly of rotating assembly with all new hardware
  • Reinstallation of rotating assembly into reconditioned machine frame
  • Four hour operational test run of completed centrifuge repairs
  • Test with machine control panel if also returned for component and operating program updating
  • Re-skid for return shipment
  • Centrifuge rotating assembly, rebuild, repair, refurbishing, reconditioning
  • Centrifuge control panel component and operating program undertaking
  • Routine scheduling of annual maintenance available

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