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Custom Centrifuges

Custom Centrifuge

US Centrifuge Systems manufactures centrifuges for liquid / solid separation as well as designs, develops, and constructs specific system technology for many different applications and industries. Centrifuge systems include the centrifuge technology paired with integral process tanks, transfer pumps, mounting platforms, piping and instruments, plus complete control and automation solutions. Both standard and fully customized systems are designed and built to suit each customer's specific application and / or facility requirements.

Custom Engineered Centrifugal Separation Equipment and Process Systems

Centri-Flow Systems®

US Centrifuge Systems developed and patented the Centri-Flow System® in 1997 and has since supplied these systems worldwide. The Centri-Flow System® is a specially developed / pre-engineered liquid clarifying system designed to filter and recycle water and / or coolant from a variety of fabricating applications. The system features the liquid / solid separating force of an automatic self-cleaning centrifuge which can remove particles as small as 2-micron. The conical Centri-Flow System® tank serves as the primary liquid reservoir and cyclonic solids concentrator while the centrifuge separates the suspended solids and cleans the re-circulating working fluid / liquid.

"Centri-Flow" systems are available in (3) three standard sizes and a variety of custom configurations:

Learn more about Centri-Flow Systems® here.

Mass Flow System

Another popular system is the specially designed "VF" mass media / vibratory finishing re-circulating systems. US Centrifuge Systems has applied centrifuges and designed centrifuge systems for a variety of vibratory / mass finishing applications for the purpose of clarifying suspended solids from the liquid process solution. Centrifugally clarified liquid that was previously sent to drain is now often re-circulated many times extending the liquid's working life, which reduces operating costs and minimizes disposal volumes. Systems include the centrifuge with integral process tanks including transfer pumps and optional chemical injection pumps. Standard and / or customized systems are designed and built to suit each customer's specific application and / or facility requirements.

Proven Applications

Proven applications include ceramic and synthetic finishing media and solutions.

  • M512 VF200 System
  • A500 VF400 System
  • A540 VF750 System
  • Custom VF Systems

Learn more about our Mass Flow System here.

Automatic Batch Sequence Wastewater Treatment Centrifuge

US Centrifuge automatic self-monitoring batch-sequence wastewater treatment systems can be used to treat a wide variety of industrial wastewater applications using a wide variety of chemical treatment programs.

Learn more about our Automatic Batch Sequence Centrifuge System here.

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