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Centrifuge Rebuild, Repair, Refurbished and Reconditioning

  • Complete disassembly of centrifuge
  • Cleaning of all parts and components
  • Media blast structural items
  • Measurement of all critical tolerances
  • Repair or replacement of all sub-standard parts
  • Re-balancing of rotating assembly components
  • Installation of spindle assembly with new bearings, seals and gaskets
  • Reassemble rotating assembly with all new hardware
  • Reinstallation rotating assembly into reconditioned machine frame
  • Perform four hour operational test run of completed centrifuge repairs
  • Test with machine control panel if also returned for component part and operating program updating
  • In-house centrifuge repair
  • Centrifuge rotating assembly, rebuild, repair, refurbishing and reconditioning
  • Centrifuge control panel component and operating program upgrades
  • Routine scheduling of annual maintenance available

For customers needing less expensive alternatives to purchasing a new centrifuge, US Centrifuge Systems regularly has a stock of used, reconditioned and refurbished centrifuges available for purchase US Centrifuge Systems accepts trade-in machines and will purchase select used machines for future sale. Refurbished centrifuges are backed with a 2-year warranty.

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