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Centrifuge Filtration-Clarification Systems

Manual Clean & Automatic Self-Cleaning Liquid/Liquid/Solids Centrifugal Separators

Centrifuge Filtration-Clarification System

The fluid is continuously pumped to a centrifuge filtration-clarification system where it is subjected to high G forces (up to 7,500 times the force of gravity) the fluid typically separates into a heavy phase (water) and a light phase (oil). The two liquid phases separate and the liquids exit the centrifuge through separate liquid discharge connections. Any residual solids are separated and removed manually from manual clean units or discharged automatically with an automatic self-cleaning style unit.

Machine Specifications

High-Speed Disc Bowl Centrifuge Models

Model Style Max. RPM Bowl Vol. Max. Capacity Motor
MAC 203 Manual Clean 9600 1.6 L Up to 159-GPH 1-HP XP 480vac/60hz/3ph
MAC 181 Manual Clean 7800 3.6 L Up to 581-GPH 3-HP XP 480vac/60hz/3ph
MAC 251 Manual Clean 7800 6.2 L Up to 1321-GPH 5-HP XP 480vac/60hz/3ph
MAC 325 Self Clean 8300 4.8 L Up to 1585-GPH 7.5-HP XP 480vac/60hz/3ph

These units are supplied with all stainless steel bowl components, necessary bowl insertion tools, set of gravity discs, supply device with sight glass for priming and wash water, outlet sight glass, revolution counter, standard set of tools, dual voltage electric motor, vibration isolators, mounting base, and operation manual.

Machines can be supplied as skid modules with custom control pumps, heaters, tanks, and other accessories. Complete custom solutions available.

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