Centri-Flow Systems®

Centri-Flow Systems®

The Centri-Flow System® is designed to filter and recycle water or coolant from a variety of fabricating applications. This pre-engineered centrifuge system provides complete industrial solutions for:

The Centri-Flow System® is one of the most successful pre-engineered systems in operation around the world. US Centrifuge Systems personally developed and patented the Centri-Flow System® in 1997. Ever since, it has changed the glass fabricating industry and been supplied to customers worldwide.

The Centri-Flow System® is a specially developed, pre-engineered closed-loop re-circulated liquid filtration and fluid clarification system that combines the most appropriate centrifuge model, cyclonic tank and necessary accessories. The conical Centri-Flow tank serves as the primary liquid reservoir and cyclonic solids concentrator while the centrifuge separates the suspended solids and cleans the re-circulating working fluid. The system features the liquid-solid separating force of an automatic self-cleaning centrifuge, which can remove particles as small as 2 micron.

Centri-Flow Systems® often replace traditional floor pit and settling tank systems, which typically provide inadequate filtration and can be costly and difficult to maintain. Unlike floor pit and settling tank systems, the Centri-Flow System® is designed to provide a continuous and consistently low minimum level of suspended solids. The Centri-Flow System® extends the life of the working liquid while providing a low maintenance and environmentally effective method of separating and handling solids and sludge.

How the Pre-Engineered Centri-Flow System® Works

US Centrifuge Systems is the first company to develop the cyclonic tank technology for use with centrifugal filtration equipment. By matching the appropriate tank size and centrifuge model, Centri-Flow Systems® are configured to suit each customer's application.

Dirty liquid from an application process enters through the tangent inlet of the tank causing the liquid to rotate and creating a cyclonic action. The liquid segments and flows under the circular weir wherein flow breakers stop the liquid rotation. The liquid rises vertically and either overflows a standpipe or is pumped directly back to the application process. The cyclonic action of the conical tank deposits the suspended solids in the bottom of the tank. The centrifuge takes its feed from the bottom of the tank and serves as a continuous side stream filtration loop removing the concentrated solids from the process liquid. Centri-Flow Systems® are modular and can be modified to suit both large and small operations to realize the benefits of centrifugal separation.

Advantages of the Cyclonic Tank in the Centri-Flow System®

  • Concentrates suspended solids feed to the centrifuge
  • Improves centrifuge performance
  • Minimizes tank and system cleaning
  • Tangent inlet absorbs incoming flow gently
  • Continuously maintains a low level of suspended solids
  • Flexible design and system configuration
  • Allows for the reduction of liquid volume

Benefits of the Centri-Flow System®

  • Reduced settling tank cleanouts
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Reduced disposal costs
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Reduced machine downtime
  • Extended coolant life
  • Greater life for diamond wheels, conveyor bearings and other components

All models and systems built at US Centrifuge Systems can be modified into a turn-key operation.

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