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A540 Automatic Centrifuge

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A540 Automatic Centrifuge

A540 automatic centrifuges are designed with innovative, cost-effective features and integrated processing advantages that are not found on competitive units.

  • Patented Load Sensitive Dump automation
  • Patented Centri-Lock™ plow clutch
  • Rotating feed distribution impeller design
  • Rugged hi-torque gear driven plow systems
  • Plow-blade assembly with multiple blades
  • Plow-blade assembly with efficiency ring
  • Nu-tride® surface treated plow-blade assembly
  • Rugged monocoque frame construction

Machine Specifications

A540 Automatic Centrifuge Machine Specifications

Bowl volume: 40.0 liter
Maximum g-force: 2,500 x gravity
Process capacity: 5 to 40 gpm
Maximum solids holding capacity: 3 gallons
Maximum clean cycles: 6 cycles per hour
Motor HP: 10 HP
Required inlet pressure: 10 psi @ 40 gpm
Liquid inlet fitting: 1″ NPT (left/right side)
Liquid discharge fitting: 3″ NPT (left/right side)
Liquid discharge pressure: Gravity return
Maximum temperature: 160° F
Standard configuration: 6 to 9 pH

A540 Automatic Centrifuges are a new automatic self-cleaning centrifuge designed for a variety of tough processes and demanding liquid-liquid and liquid-solid applications, solids dewatering, and centrifuge liquid filtration and fluid clarification applications, in which the specific gravity of the suspended solids is greater than that of the liquid. A540 Automatic Centrifuges are designed and built for safe and quiet operation with years of reliable use in the most demanding applications. A540 Automatic Centrifuges require relatively no day-to-day maintenance. Machines are American-made and all engineering, manufacturing, service and sales activities are located under one roof in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Beyond the Centrifuge

A540 automatic centrifuge machines feature a carbon steel powder coated frame with an aluminum bowl-shell, stainless bowl hub and Nu-tride® surface treated carbon steel plow assembly. A540 automatic centrifuge machines are available with all-wetted surfaces constructed from 316L stainless steel.

The A540 automatic centrifuge features a fully automated operation that requires minimal operator attention. Depending on the application, the client can choose between a standard or customized control panels.

Standard Automation Package

  • Allen Bradley Micrologics 1100 PLC

  • 256 color touch screen HMI operator interface — the PLC and HMI include exclusive operating and display programs from US Centrifuge Systems that features complete operator instructions, help screens, self-diagnostics and cycle history.

  • VFD drive-motor control unit with resistor braking — the VFD plow-motor control unit controls plow torque.

  • Industrial grade internet modem for remote diagnostic and software upgrade capability.

Standard automation packages are a technically advanced deluxe control panel. This package is capable of accelerating the centrifuge to full speed in less than 40 seconds and stopping the unit smoothly in less than 60 seconds, which maximizes up-time processing by decreasing the clean cycle time.

Custom Automation Package

The technical engineers at US Centrifuge Systems develop completely custom automation packages for customers. The engineering team completely builds and programs the control panels to suit specific customer applications and facility requirements at minimal additional cost. Contact US Centrifuge Systems.

How the A540 Automatic Centrifuge Works

Liquid continuously feeds down through the stationary feed pipe and into the throat of an abrasion resistant feed impeller, which distributes the liquid into the spinning centrifuge bowl at an equivalent rates-per-minute due to the plow-clutch. Liquid enters the bowl at the bottom of the liquid pool surface and flows upward under increasing centrifugal force as it flows under the efficiency ring.

The liquid then moves back toward the center of rotation and exits the bowl-hub discharge holes. As the liquid travels this path, the separated solids deposit on the internal wall of the bowl shell forming a relatively moisture free solids cake, which is intermittently removed during the cleaning process. The liquid exiting the bowl-hub is captured in the upper frame chamber and drains out the discharge fitting. The length of a process cycle is application specific, depending on the flow rate and percent solids in the incoming centrifuge feed liquid.

Once the centrifuge bowl reaches its solids holding capacity, the machine must stop and plow the centrifugally separated and compacted sludge cake from the bowl. When the machine transitions from the process cycle to the clean cycle, it automatically closes the feed stop valve and activates the drive motor VFD resistor braking system, halting the spinning centrifuge bowl to a complete stop in 45 to 60 seconds. Once the unit has reached a complete stop, the free liquid drains from the bowl into the lower frame chamber and flows back to the source. Actuators open the sludge chute cover and engage the ring and pinion plow gears. The plow-motor rotates the plow blades and bowl slowly back and forth in opposite directions as the solids are scraped out and fall through the sludge chute into a hopper or drum placed below the unit.

US Centrifuge Systems uses its own patented Centri-Lock™ plow clutch-hub system to maximize the machine's separating efficiency by maintaining a 1:1 rotation ratio between the plow-blade assembly and the bowl assembly, which minimizes internal liquid turbulence and increases separating performance. The plow-blade assembly is manufactured with multiple plow-blades and impellers and an efficiency ring for added separating efficiency and maximum processing performance. Because all of the major rotating assembly components are dual plane computer balanced, the A540 Automatic Centrifuge runs smoothly and quietly at full rates-per-minute.

All models and systems built at US Centrifuge Systems can be modified into a turn-key operation.

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