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Algae Dewatering, Harvesting, Drying and Separation

Extract a variety of algae and algae biomass from bioreactors, ponds and waste processing systems using a centrifuge to separate and dewater the algae for various purposes including herbal, energy medicinal extract and biodiesel production.

Algae can be used as a biofuel. A centrifuge is often the most efficient and cost-effective means for algae extraction and as part of the process for creating algae biodiesel. US Centrifuge Systems is experienced in assisting algae biofuels companies and larger-scale commercial algae-based biofuel production operations with high capacity algae harvesting and separation.

US Centrifuge Systems also works with pond algae removal and treatment, wastewater algae treatment and reservoir algae treatment by utilizing centrifuge systems to separate, dewater and dry the treated algae oil residue and algae biomass.

Equipment for Applications in Algae Treatment

The model M512 manual centrifuge is most commonly applied to algae dewatering, harvesting, drying and separation applications. US Centrifuge Systems will evaluate your algae process and determine the most appropriate machine based on your goal for algae oil extraction, algae farming, algae removal, algae harvesting or algae wastewater treatment.

Algae Biofuels and Microalgae Biofuels

Algae can be extracted from a variety of algae bioreactors, ponds, or waste processing systems. A centrifuge system provides an efficient way to separate and dewater algae prior to processing. Algae biofuels include:

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