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Agricultural applications receive major cost savings by minimizing use of fresh water and reducing the volume of residual sludge, since centrifuges use centrifugal force to remove 99% of all solids from the slurry.

Manure Dewatering

A centrifuge system is the most efficient means of liquid-solid separation for manure dewatering for the swine industry, poultry industry and cattle industry. Dewatering manure offers benefits such as lower sludge hauling costs and minimized odor.

US Centrifuge Systems help customers dewater manure for easier and cheaper hauling. Centrifuge dewatering of manure is used in the production of fertilizer and is becoming increasingly common as a means of preparing manure for a waste-to-energy process. Manure, a valuable type of biomass, is utilized as a feedstock for alternative energy technologies.

Marine and Aquarium Wastewater

US Centrifuge Systems provides solutions for marine and aquarium wastewater filtration. Centrifuge systems offer onsite clarification for aquarium water, separating the solids, discharging a dry cake acceptable for disposal, and returning clarified water to the tank.

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